DGA* Projects


When everyone does what they do best, sustainable change is possible!

01 Analysis

+ stakeholder workshops
+ corporate design analysis
+ accessibility analysis
+ competitors analysis
+ website analysis
+ data analysis
+ user experiences
02 Concept

+ moodboards and design sketches for stylistic directions
+ branding identity pyramids
+ user journeys, website architectures and wireframes
+ digital whiteboards and canvases for virtual meetings and workshops
03 Production

+ corporate designs, optimization for print and digital, accessibility and sustainability
+ stationaries, wayfindings and office software templates
+ editorial design, digital publishing and print production
+ illustrations, custom icons and motion design
+ web, UI and UX design
+ infographics, data visualization and scrolly-telling
+ website programming
04 Maintenance

+ implementation workshops
+ feedback talks and project evaluation
+ infrastructure updates and SEO optimization
+ digital inclusion guidelines
+ documentation and digital design manuals