Redesigning the corporate identity of denkmodell

UI / Corporate Design / Stationaries / Wayfinding

Corporate design update including logo, stationery and digital. The website was restructured and redesigned and a comprehensive range of templates created for Microsoft Office and Canva.

Made for denkmodell.

Unifying the visual appearance of the denkmodell brand identity with its mindset and modern tone of voice, we redesigned the logo, defined the style guide, designed and implemented the website, designed the Newsletter, accompanied the production of all required printed matters, and created various templates for MS Word and PowerPoint. It is important to us to empower our clients to work independently and efficiently at the highest design standards. Our process, therefore, is iterative. We create, collect feedback and improve — until the perfect tool, tailored to our client’s needs is born.  

Working with a highly competent and technically experienced partner like denkmodell makes a fast and agile process fun! We were able to finish the whole redesign process within less than three months — from initial negotiations and getting to know each other to the finish line and go-live.

The workshop-based working method of denkmodell is tangible in all designs. denkmodells changemaker mindset allowed us to go the bold way in design. We developed a structure that reminds the user of Post-its, without losing track which is led by the common (red) thread throughout the whole page.


denkmodell GmbH, Berlin

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project facts

Creating user-friendly templates only makes sense with an iterative approach to work.

The proportions of a logo must be sophisticated enough to work well in all sizes and contexts.

Hard deadlines help to design processes efficiently. Being a reliable partner is highly important to us. 

Choosing the right corporate font is crucial. For example, using a space-consuming font for a company that creates very text-heavy documents, results in tons of unnecessary paper and thus is neither cost-efficient nor good for our environment.

High-contrast colors are needed to create a comprehensive corporate design. Without them, accessible, user-friendly design is not possible.

Combining the corporate font with a comprehensive icon set supports a positive user experience.

Secondary design elements help to make brand products recognizable. They should still never be only decorative but used purposefully. They can give structure or highlight certain parts.

Style guides or Corporate Design Manuals are intended to unify the visual appearance of a brand identity, which is instrumental in ensuring that the brand is presented in an authentic, professional, and cohesive manner.