Showing that knowing and owning are inseparable

Logo Design / Infographic / Illustration / Animation

Logo, infographics, printed matter and an animated explanatory film to open up a discourse on the »ownership of knowledge«. The goal was to enable easy access to the complex topic. 

Made for the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

The project focuses on intellectual property rights and the construct of ownership of knowledge. In modern Western society »owning« knowledge is often only possible by naming things with words — spoken and written. This disregards alternative forms of knowledge, such as the practice of craftsmanship. 

Joining the project at an early stage, we aimed to translate its complexity into comprehensible, visual content to make it more accessible to a wider audience. Science communication builds bridges between experts and non-experts that enable discourses on scientific subjects within society.

We created a visual language for the project including a logo, illustrations, infographics, and animations for an explanatory film. The visual groundwork proved itself in use for postcards, posters, flyers, sketchnotes and banners, that we created at a later stage.